About Us

At Wollongong Osteopathy, we focus on providing proactive, preventative Osteopathic health care to all members of the community. We have been providing quality health care in Wollongong and the Illawarra for over 20 years.

We are dedicated to offering up-to-date Osteopathic treatment, and forming personal, long lasting relationships with each patient.

We are here to guide each patient towards achieving optimum health, by recognising individual goals, and educating each patient so they can actively manage their condition.

All of our Osteopaths have undergone minimum 5 years of full-time University study, including a Masters degree. Our practitioners are members of Osteopathy Australia and are registered with the Australian Government Registration Board (AHPRA)

Cameron Seagrave

Dr Cameron Segrave – Osteopath

B.Sc, M.H.Sc

Cameron graduated from Victoria University and re-located from Melbourne in 2001. He combines a variety of hands-on techniques such as mobilisation, manipulation, soft tissue release and dry needling as well as exercise advice to help his clients reduce pain and improve their wellbeing. He believes a client’s thorough understanding of their pain and injury assists in their recovery, prevention and recurrence of injury.

Dr Jenny Segrave (Game) – Osteopath

B.Sc, M.H.Sc

Jenny also completed her training at Victoria University in 2001. She also combines a variety of hands-on techniques such as soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, trigger point dry needling and individual exercise plans to optimise patient’s recovery. With 20 years experience Jenny has developed a variety of strategies to assist patients in their recovery.

Dr Toby Barker – Osteopath

M.Osteo PgCertACE

Toby has experience and enjoys seeing a breadth of patients, from athletes, office workers, expectant mothers, the elderly and everyone in between, although has a particular interest in chronic and persistent pain and rehabilitation.

Toby graduated from the British School of Osteopathy and, prior to moving to Australia in 2022, was part of the teaching faculty at the BSO, as well as a visiting lecturer on the Master of Advance Physiotherapy program at the University of Hertfordshire. Toby continues to complement his clinical work with engaging in research and teaching; recently publishing in the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine and sitting on the Osteopathy Australia Editorial and Educational Advisory Group, guiding the professional development of osteopaths in Australia.

Dr Joelle Boustani – Osteopath

B.Sc, M.Osteo

Joelle graduated in 2009 from UWS and was granted membership into the Golden Key International Honour Society, awarded to the top 15 percent of undergraduate university students. Joelle began her career in the western suburbs of Sydney and Camden prior to joining us in July 2010. She enjoys treating various musculoskeletal conditions including, but not limited to, neck discomfort, pelvic and leg complaints. Joelle utilises a wide range of techniques including direct (such as massage, stretches and manipulation) as well as indirect methods (such as strain-counterstrain techniques).

Dr Bailey Gilbert – Osteopath

B.Sc, M.Osteo.

Bailey completed his Osteopathic studies at Victoria University and was also granted membership to the Golden Key International Honour Society.

He is a passionate Osteopath who enjoys working with patients to educate and encourage them to strive towards their goals and better health. Bailey likes to holistically treat a range of musculoskeletal complaints including, but not limited to, the neck, back and legs. Within his treatment, Bailey implements various direct Osteopathic techniques such as massage and

manipulation, as well as some indirect techniques including counter-strain. He also enjoys working with patients to improve function through exercise and movement to actively involve them in their recovery.

Dr Braedon Kittelty – Osteopath

B.Sc, M.Osteo, M.HNutr

Braedon graduated from Osteopathy at Victoria University in 2018 after completing a Masters in Nutrition in 2014. Braedon is a dedicated and compassionate Osteopath who integrates a diverse range of interests into an individualised and holistic treatment. Braedon has particular interests in treating headaches, digestive complaints, neurological conditions and musculoskeletal issues for patients of all-ages and all-abilities.

Braedon brings a uniquely integrated approach in developing an accurate diagnosis and delivering a specific management plan for every patient. Braedon is dedicated to delivering effective communication in the clinic to ensure his patients have a thorough understanding of their condition and an active role in their own health management.

Dr Nikki Courtney – Osteopath

B.App.Sci (Osteo) M.Osteo, B.Arts

Nikki graduated from the University Western Sydney in 2008. She has a strong passion for educating and empowering her patients to achieve their goals and have better health outcomes. Nikki enjoys treating various musculoskeletal conditions, including but not limited to, neck discomfort, pelvic and leg complaints. Nikki utilises a wide range of techniques including direct (such as massage, stretches and manipulation, dry needling) and indirect methods (such as counterstrain techniques)