Arthritis & Joint Problems

One of the most common complaints we see is pain & stiffness from degenerative arthritis (also known as osteo-arthritis.)   This arthritic pain is caused by the cartilage (padding between the bones) wearing away, and the muscles around the affected joint tightening, thus restricting the joint further.

Osteopathic arthritic treatment may gently relieve this muscle tightness, which lessens the pressure on the joint. This may reduce the pain in the area and improve the mobility of the joint itself allowing you freer movement.

Osteopathic treatment may also involve ensuring that other parts of the body are working well to minimise the stress on the damaged joint.

Although damage to the joint surface cannot be reversed, osteopathic treatment and specific advice on lifestyle may be effective in reducing physical strain and discomfort.  You can improve your quality of life with our approach.

There is no cure for arthritis however osteopathic treatment may do a great deal to aid treatment of pain, ease swelling and improve mobility and range of joint movement. Pain management focuses on eliminating symptoms through early diagnosis and improving lifestyle to prevent further degeneration.

Osteopathic treatment for arthritis involves gentle manual osteopathic techniques on joints, muscles and ligaments. This may involve gentle stretching, mobility, and traction techniques. Exercises to do at home may also be prescribed as part of an osteopathic treatment plan to improve joint function and to reduce muscle spasm. Exercise in warm water or salt baths may also be recommended.